First appearance of El Aguila–The Eagle.  He’s a pretty cool character, and he’s Hispanic, which was rare back in the 1970s.  Hell, it’s still rare now.

Mary Jo Duffy continues to prove herself to be one of the best character writers in Marvel’s stable.

Look how much is going on in that splash page.  Danny is in the background dancing with Misty and some weirdo in plaid is really cutting it up. But that might be artist Trevor Von Eeden, not Duffy.  Mary Jo has Luke establishing that he’s an ex-con, because every Marvel issue in the 1970s was supposed to be a good jumping-in point, but we also see how he’s dating a flaky model and he’s worried about money…He loves how she looks, not how she is.  And that superficiality would be a problem for him in the future.

Here’s how it ends:

Great stuff.  I loved this series.  One of my all-time faves.

Creators: Mary Jo Duffy and Trevor Von Eeden
Grade: B+

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