Marvel Team-Up #79 (1979)

Claremont and Byrne return for the first story to bring Red Sonja into the MU.  It’s beautifully drawn and well written, albeit mostly irrelevant.  Technically, Sonja stays in an alternate universe and is body-swapped with Mary Jane after a party at the daily bugle.

Before the transformation, at the party, Peter Parker wears a Charlie Brown sweater.

That’s so brilliant, since in the 1960s and 1970s they were always talking bout the Parker Luck vis a vis relationships, and Charlie is a known loser. Plus, it’s another cross-over type thing in this story.

Mary Jane is maybe the hottest woman in Marvel side-character history, and she’s always drawn back to Peter Parker.  Of course, bringing her back here was essential to the plot, as Red Sonja possesses her body to manifest in the Earth 616.

Must be the red hair.

And kudos to Claremont for having Sonja continue to speak in her own language.  It’s a good comedy point, but it also makes sense.

Oh, and Superman is in this, too, for the third other-universe crossover…

Creators: Chris Claremont & John Byrne
Grade: A-.  Extremely well-executed.

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