IRON MAN VOLUME 1, #118 (1979)


For #118, John Byrne guest pencils one of the greatest costume changes in history.

This happens because Tony is sneaking around the SHIELD Helicarrier trying to figure out why Nick Fury is trying to gain control of Stark International.  The big secret is, they’re trying to become majority shareholders so they can vote to get the company to get back into the arms business–and sell to SHIELD.

It’s also the first appearance of Rhodey, as Stark’s helicopter pilot, and his new Secretary, Mrs. Arbogast.

During his adventures in this issue, his unibeam suddenly turns on without warning.  By #120, we will know that Justin Hammer has cracked the code and is sabotaging him.

Creators: David Michelinie (plot/script), John Byrne (layouts), Bob Layton (plot/finished art)
Grade: B+

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