THE DEFENDERS #76-77 (1979): Omega

“Jumpin’ Jeepers”?

The Defenders learn about a kid with powers…

defenders omega the unknown

…And he’s Omega.  Which makes this the Omega of the Omega stories.

So, Steve Gerber was the guy who made The Defenders great.  In fact, he was much of what made Marvel so different and revolutionary in the 1970s, before it became completely corporate-bound.  Gerber also created Foolkiller, who appeared in The Defenders arc immediately before this one.  But Steve Gerber didn’t write it.

In this arc, Steven Grant finishes the story of Omega the Unknown in the pages of The Defenders.  And I feel like Moondragon’s speech could easily apply to Marvel.  Gerber was gradually being forced out of Marvel–they screwed him out of the rights to Howard the Duck, which is why he took Howard the Duck with him (as Destroyer Duck) when he went indie.  Had Marvel not interfered by pushing Gerber off of The Defenders and Omega, he might have went on to be one of their most interesting characters.

Instead…They killed him.  And this character stayed dead.  I guess Marvel didn’t want to deal with getting sued by Gerber again over creator’s rights.

Read Steve Gerber’s thoughts on the matter here.

Wasp guest stars.

Nice to see women featured so prominently.

Kickin’ ass and takin’ names.

Creators: Steven Grant and Herb Trimpe
Grade: C-

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