AVENGERS #309-310


Byrne is still on scripting chores.  He sends the team into The Negative Zone in search of the Eternals.  More importantly…Great Lakes Avengers!

The next adventure in The Negative Zone flows directly from the Lava Men battle, so I’m covering it in a single post—even though it’s kind of two stories tied together by Gilgamesh’s injury.  But if you consider the whole arc to be getting Gilgamesh off the team and resetting the lineup, then it makes sense as one big story.

Byrne uses the angle of going to rescue Olympia as a way to undo recent events in Thor’s solo book as well, as the Avengers find themselves drawn to Asgard (which was put in the Negative Zone as well) to fight Blastaar.

By the end, Gilgamesh is back with The Eternals.  Again, yay!

Also, Thor stays on Earth with the team—which is a good thing because the story ends with a teaser that the next foe they face will be Loki.

Creators: John Byrne and Paul Ryan
Grade: B-


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