DOCTOR STRANGE #48 (1981): The Stern/Rogers Run Begins!

Roger Stern and Marshall Rogers take over with their first full issue, and they begin with a bank robbery. This is a clear message: Up to now, you always knew what you were getting into with Dr. Strange. An obscure mysticism tale with lots of nice pictures, made up words, and not a lot of story.

This issue starts with a bank robbery. Strange has never been a street-level hero before. So, yeah, this is different.

Then, Brother Voodoo returns…

Voodoo is actually possessed by another being, and it takes Strange a little while to figure out he’s being tricked by Voodoo’s plea for help.  While he’s in the bank, a calendar says that the date is April 1.

April Fool’s Day!

Very nice.

Oh, and there’s still plenty of silly, made-up words…

And Clea gets a new skill….

Creators: Stern and Rogers
Grade: B

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