FANTASTIC FOUR #6 (1962): First Appearance of Namor’s Pet Jellyfish

In this issue, Sub Mariner and Doctor Doom team up to take on the FF, and, of course, Doom betrays Namor.

emperor prince

In terms of character development, you can begin to see why Namor distrusts all humans.  Six issues in, and we’re already doing a super-villain team-up!  I love this panel, above.  Why does Namor have dead starfish on his wall?  And why would he keep a jellyfish in a crystal ball like that?

His relationship with Susan has already begun–with Johnny being jealous.

Also in this issue, Reed Richards refers to “unstable molecules” for the first time…

These would become, quickly, Marvel’s “go to” solution for why superhero costumes didn’t rip, dissolve, burn up, etc., when the characters did things like grow, burn, shrink, turn invisible, etc.  I mean, look what would have happened if they hadn’t invented them!

Also, the FF’s headquarters, The Baxter Building, is lifted off its foundation.

Plumbing bills must be extraordinary when something like this happens.

And there’s a neat little diagram of the building.  I love blueprints and maps and stuff.  Always worth posting. 

Wow!  FF#6 isn’t even recognized as a crucial issue, and look at all that happened!

Creators: Stan and Jack

Firsts: The flying Baxter Building and Unstable Molecules.

Grade: A

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