FANTASTIC FOUR #25-26: Thing vs. Hulk, Round Two

hairy guy wrestles rocky

This is an ageold fanboy battle, and the second time it graced the pages of Fantastic Four.  Hulk is tearing NYC apart looking for The Avengers, but they’re out of time.

My personal favorite versions of this fight that keeps going are below.  It even made it to the boob tube:

This guy here has a pretty thorough review of most of the major battles between these two guys.  Fun post to read.  But, according to one of my favorite bloggers, this one: F4 #25-26, is the best Hulk/Thing battle of all time.  But I would have picked the ones you’ll see if you hit that little “more” button below here.

Before they fight, Hulk fights the Army.

Creators: Lee/Kirby
Grade: B


10.  Hulk vs. Thing: Hard Knocks 

“A Hulk walks into a bar…”  Mostly, I love this for the cover to #2.  But it’s also a quirky, neat little two-parter.  One of the better Marvel Knights products.

9.  The Big Change

Hilarious.  They don’t fight each other with fists, but they do bicker quite a bit, and the end of the book teases a matchup between them.  Basically, we wait the whole issue for a fight that never comes.

8.  Marvel Fanfare #21

Because it’s Jim Starlin, one of my all-time favorites.

7.  Thing #3 (2005)

Okay, so technically its a robot fight, but still, it’s Dan Slott and it’s fantastic.

6.  Fantastic Four #12

The first match up.

5.  Fantastic Four #112

100 issues later, one of the most rollicking fights of them all.  Lots of wanton destruction and mayhem.

4.  Incredible Hulk #278

This one might not win many awards from most people, and the battle scene is very short, but I have sentimental attachment to this comic.  By Bill Mantlo and Sal Buscema, and featuring The Avengers.

3.  Fantastic Four #166-167

Because George Perez drew it, Roy Thomas wrote it, and it concludes with Thing and Hulk teaming up against the rest of the Fantastic Four.  Plus: A Kirby cover.

2.  World War Hulk #2

Because if Hulk’s gonna fight the world, then Thing’s gotta be in the picture.

1.  Fantastic Four #25-26

Because it’s got The Avengers in it as well, and because the FF are sick during it so we get to see them all get nauseous and dizzy. Great two-parter.

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