BLACK PANTHER VOL. 1  #13-15 (1978)


Kirby leaves, and Ed Hannigan and artist Jerry Bingham come on board.  Immediately, T’Challa leaves Africa and comes to New York (Jim Shooter was responsible for the plot, and he loved having all the heroes team up all the time) to finish out his book with The Avengers.  Volume One was cancelled with issue #15, and the story continued in Marvel Premiere #51.  Hannigan and Bingham wrote three issues of that title featuring T’Challa, none of which were great, none of which were terrible.

And in one, Black Panther fought the Klan!  This was an attempt to finish Don MacGregor and Billy Graham’s storyline from Jungle Action, before it was prematurely cancelled to allow Kirby to take over.  But it just wasn’t as good.  

Bingham’s Panther was lithe, slim and athletic—also recalling the version from Jungle Action.  

Creators: Ed Hannigan and Jerry Bingham
Grade: C-

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