JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #114-115 (1965): The Absorbing Man!

When people talk about how great Lee/Kirby Thor was, this is what they mean.  Let’s start with the villain.  He’s got the alliterative name “Crusher Creel,” which is a Stan Lee trademark, he’s big and burly, which is a Kirby trademark, and his origin narrative is full of multisyllabic adjectives.

He is created by Loki, but he’s really just intended as a distraction while Loki snatches up Jane Foster.  Still, it’s the Absorbing Man story that keeps this multi-issue arc going—all the way to his defeat, when Thor turns him into helium.

I have to say, up to this point these Journey Into Mystery comics have been a bit…Plodding.  Here, they really pick up speed and get great.
Creators: Lee/Kirby
First appearances: Absorbing Man.
Grade: A+.  Terrific.

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