AVENGERS #212-213: Hank Pym is a Jerk!

Hank starts being a complete tool.  I love this storyline.  It was adapted by Mark Millar in The Ultimates, but the version told in these issues of The Avengers was much better.  It was also way ahead of its time to show spousal abuse and its effects on close friends of the couple.

I still find it bizarre that Hank Pym was allowed to come back to the team again after what ends up happening in the next five issues.

Here is the famous backhanded slap that swoll her eye up and got YJ kicked off the team.

when the team finds out, they’re horrified and Hank is obviously embarassed–he starts to scramble and hires a robot to attack the team so he can save them.

Not his smartest move.

This leads the Avengers to take disciplinary action and they begin the proceedings for a courts martial.

I don’t understand why he’s court martialed in #213, since The Avengers aren’t military, but the story was cool. It would have been even better if it had been more decompressed. Everything happened pretty quick. But back then, they didn’t really do long-running stories very often.

I also kind of wish they’d court martialed him for hitting Jan–adding the fake-villain-robot story is a layer that takes away from him being a batterer.  That should have been serious enough on its own.

Truly powerful issues written by Jim Shooter.  Next issue is a just a rocking done-in-one fight, to move away from all this heavy stuff.

Also in this issue, we learn that Tony Stark pays the team a salary.

Hopefully she will use the money to buy another bed.

I mean what’s with her furniture?  It’s tiny.  It it matters, the villain is a witch nobody cares about.

Creators: Jim Shooter and Bob Hall
Grade: B

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