The team fights a dude called “The Eliminator.”  That’s right, a villain named like a suppository.  But that’s not what’s important.  What matters is that the book is getting back to basics.  Although there are quite a few hanger-ons at this pont (Impossible Man, Thundra, Tigra), the core of this title has always been family: Relationships, the things families do together, the things they do to each other…And the sequence above is a grand illustration of an enormous family bugaboo: Chore day!

And I couldn’t resist posting on the original way Thing takes care of his household duty….
And that had never been done before in the FF.  See, that’s how you know the book was getting its groove back.  Although there was still quite a few examples of villain recycling, at least Thomas and Perez were doing something fresh with the characters and concepts by developing the whole alternate Earths thing and reinjecting intimacy and humor.  Oh, and staying away from Tragic Ben stories.  Those had become pure torture by now.

The book would never return to the anything-goes, constant creativity of the first 100 issues—but what books have ever achieved that kind of originality, issue after issue?  None, really.

Creators: Gerry Conway and Ron Wilson
Grade: B-

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