The New Mutants #77-85 (1989-1990)

Now that Illyana is a kid again, she is returned to Russia.

Hela has a plan to use all of Asgard’s Valkyries against Odin (because Asgard is constantly about revolution and backstabbing).  Mirage was made a Valkyrie (kinda) a while back.  So… The New Mutants have an Asgardian adventure!

Even Dr. Strange gets involved to help!

Yes, it’s many many issues long, but that’s the sum and substance of it.  It’s a big epic.

There’s also a sub-plot showing that Mystique’s Freedom Force is still doing government stooge work, going after Rusty after falsely blaming him for some of the ramifications of Hela’s actions.

He ends up being arrested and thrown in jail with Vulture.

This could have been a cool story, but when you weave it into a very complicated Asgardian epic (and one with lots of “big” drama but, at the end, not any real changes or effects)

Issue #81 is a quick fill-in that, ironically, involves Magma and Hercules.  So, while the New Mutants are involved with the Norse Gods, Magma is down with the Greeks.

Note: These are the last issues before Rob Liefeld begins his controversial, Deadpool-creating run.  He does the cover to #85.

Editorial seemed to sense that Liefeld would have a huge impact on the world of comics…

…As they made a big deal about him signing on.

I wonder who they knew that?

These issues also have the “Acts of Vengeance” banner, but they’re not really tying into that event.
Creators: Louise Simonson (script), Rich Buckler (art #77), Rick Leonardi (art #78), Bret Blevins (at #79-83), Terry Shoemaker (art #84), Geof Isherwood (art #85)
Issue #81: Chris Claremont, with Louis Williams and Terry Shoemaker on pencils
Grade: C

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