MACHINE MAN #2-9 (1978)

I really want to give props to this book since it’s created by Jack Kirby, and because the character actually goes on to be in some really good comics, but … This is just bad.  He’s got a power set that doesn’t even make sense, creating more unrealistic extensions of himself than Inspector Gadget, and shedding them constantly, all over place.

Worse, he’s got no heart at all.

But the art is good.

In these issue, he fights off an alien threat and is thanked by being hunted by both “the corporation” and the government.

How many times is Marvel going to call a villainous profiteering business “the corporation?”  And will it stopped now that they’ve been bought by Disney?

These issues also introduce Curtiss Jackson, The Power Broker, a minor villain who gives other people powers.

Creator: Jack Kirby

Grade: D.  It’s not an F because the art is good.

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