THE DEFENDERS #62-65 (1978)

This is their first “old order changeth” issue.  The roster of Defenders is constantly in flux, but they’ve never had an issue that was “about” recruitment.  In this story every B- and C-list hero in the 616 shows up to play after Dollar Bill (the Defenders’ nonpowered equivalent of Marvin and Wendy from The Superfriends) films a recruitment commercial/documentary.

We get to see regular Defenders hangers-on like Son of Satan and even a few A-Listers like Iron Man and Angel.  New-to-the-partiers like Nova, Falcon, Hercules, Power Man, Iron Fist, Stingray, Quasar, Goliath, White Tiger, Jack of Hearts, Torpedo, and others…And lots of similarly middle-class villains: Electro, The Blob, Batroc the Leaper, and, again, many others…

We even see Captain Ultra, who previously appeared in one page in Fantastic Four #177, when he was trying out for the Frightful Four.  Ultra actually gets an extended scene…

I do like him calling Jack “poker face.”

If you’re looking for a fun “name the character” arc, this is for you.

And the best part is in the end, when the city is destroyed and the cops are pointing fingers, everyone decides they don’t want to be a Defender after all.

Actually, the best part is watching Hulk play poison frisbee.


Creators: David Kraft and Don Perlin
Grade: B-

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