Daredevil #138 and Ghost Rider #20 (1976)

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Karen Page became a movie star working a film where Johnny Blaze’s motorcycle troupe served as stuntmen, and in the process became a potential love interest.  However, that all ended when Roxanne Simpson came back.  So, now it’s time for Karen to return to the pages of Daredevil, from whence she came.

First, there’s a little random crime fighting.

The main story starts with Karen having been kidnapped by Death Stalker and held for ransom, and DD and Ghost Rider saving her.

Ghost Rider has to save DD from being killed by Death Stalker, who is quite surprised to learn that a burning skeleton is incapable of dying.

Shouldn’t that have been obvious?

Meanwhile, Foggy Nelson’s gal is also missing and he goes looking for her and gets shot.

It’s very nice to see guest-artist John Byrne drawing these characters, by the way.

Creators: Marv Wolfman and John Byrne
Grade: B-
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