Amazing Spider-Man #153-156 (1976)

mary jane peter lick

Len Wein takes over as writer.  Lots of lameness here, but I dig this panel.

He starts with several done-in-ones that are all forgettable.  Sandman is in #154, and it’s fine but there’s no real need to read these issues.  The only thing worth noting is the ongoing storyline about a mystery homeless man who craves alcohol.  Who could he be?

We find out in the last panel of #156…

Oh!  Doc Ock is back!  Maybe this book will get good again!

And there’s this weird panel where Spidey seems to be dancing a jig to stop a cabjacking.

Creators: Len Wein and Ross Andru (#153, 156), Sal Buscema (#154-155)
Grade: D

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