Like so many great Kirby joints, this one begins with a cover.  It’s like he knew this was going to be one of his greatest joints.

And frankly, he probably did–because he’d been waiting for years to come back to the character who had served as the foundation for his work.

Kirby is the writer, artist and editor for this comeback story, and he quickly dissociates his story from all the stuff that had come before.  He drops Falcon from the title page and starts creating his own side characters, eschewing Cap continuity (and greater Marvel continuity as well).  (Falcon gets his title billing back in #194.)

captain america madbombNo, Madbomb’s not a great story.  It’s about a bomb that makes people go mad.  It’s basically a Golden Age story–full of craziness and action, big and full of fists.

But Cap arm wrestles Falcon (above), and then Kirby basically reestablishes the character (who, frankly, was beginning to flounder), as the lynchpin for the Marvel Universe.

Also: Henry Kissinger.

And proving that Kirby didn’t need Stan Lee. This was written, drawn and edited all by Jack.

Creator: Jack Kirby
Grade: B-.  The art is great, even if the writing and story are just average.  Plus, sentimentally, it’s a lot of fun.

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