AVENGERS #154-156 (1976-1977)

machine gun

I don’t know if these three issues technically count as one story arc or two, but they all flow together so I’m grouping them. The trouble starts here when Vision gets the great idea of putting the Serpent Crown–the little hat that caused the team problems for the past half-dozen-or-so issues–somewhere where nobody will ever find it.

The ocean. Naturally, Attuma finds it and everyone starts fighting.

Simon Williams vs. Attuma. Chaboom!

Turns out, Attuma was involved with Doc Doom who was trying to mutate plankton (don’t ask), Sub Mariner shows up and (of course) fights The Avengers instead of the real bad guys.

And during it all, we get this classic Beast panel:

Pretty good stuff.

Creators: Gerry Conway and George Perez
Grade: C+

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