Power Pack #44 (1989)

Inferno is technically over, so the cover of this issue bills it as “aftermath.”  But it’s basically just Power Pack fighting the New York City demons-and-possessed-inanimate-objects that I thought all disappeared when N’Astirh was taken down by X-Men/Factor.

Without Louise Simonson, this book has deteriorated in quality.  Jon Bogdanove is doing both the writing and art, and he doesn’t have the ability to write a child’s mind.  It’s just a below average, waste of time comic right now.

Moreover, the Power Kids’ parents recently found out the truth that their kids have super powers, but at the end of this issue The New Mutants show up and Mirage and Gosamyr use their powers to trick the parents and essentially return to the prior status quo of them not knowing about their kids.

Creator: Jon Bogdanove
Grade: D-

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