This is a very, very dense story–and a really good one, too.  High Evolutionary is traveling the stars and he finds the cocoon that houses Him.  In this story, Him becomes named Warlock because Him is a terrible name.

And we know from page one that he will be a Godlike savior type, because he’s in a crucifixion pose.

Anyway, what High Ev is doing is finding a place to create a new Earth–one where humans love each other and never hurt each other.  But Ev’s enemy, Man-Beast, shows up to mess that idea up.  Creating the world wears High Evolutionary out, he falls asleep, and the Man-Beast introduces the new Earth, called Counter-Earth, to violence.

Warlock decides he liked High Evolutionary’s idea, and decides to track down Man-Beast.

When Warlock arrives on new Earth, the humans call him “Adam.”  So now, he’s Adam Warlock.

Creators: Gerry Conway and Gil Kane
Grade: B

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