Hulk #176-178 (1974)


So, Hulk’s been banished into space.  But he knows he’ll be free, and he’ll kick ass on Earth again.  in the meantime, it’s off to Counter Earth.

I did like the Warlock comics about his life on counter-Earth, even if they were heavy-handedly religious, but this story is ridiculous.  Warlock gets crucified by the government, cries out “Why hast thou forsaken me?”, dies, is buried, and rises from the dead.


Then he leaves Counter Earth, saying he has other galaxies to save.

But any book with a Rigelleian Recorderbot can’t be too bad.

In fact, despite how bizarrely heavy-handed it is, I kind of enjoyed it.

And if it’s a way to get Warlock off Counter-Earth and back into the cosmic realm again, so more people can play with the character, I’m all for it.  Next for the character is Jim Starlin’s 1975 revival, which was extraordinary.

Creators: Gerry Conway, with Roy Thomas (plot, #176) and Tony Isabella (script, #178), and Herb Trimpe
Grade: C

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