Silver Surfer #21 (1989)

The last few issues planted a LOT of seeds, and now we get a fill-in???  Well, at least it’s plotted and drawn by Marshall Rogers, who has done great work with this book.

Unfortunately, it’s about the Marvel Universe’s newest—and most terrible—Elder, The Obliterator, who basically looks like a guy in a jet-pack  But now he’s been stripped of his gear so he’s just a crudely drawn dude.  He meets up with the Buddha-like Contemplator, another of the worst Marvel Elders, who tells him to stop being such a big, mopey idiot and just get new weapons.

These guys are supposed to be powerful Elders of the Universe, and having them hang out in a bar and tell war stories just doesn’t work.  Eventually, they fight Silver Surfer, who easily beats them.

Not very good.
Creators:  Marshall Rogers (art and plot), Michael Higgins (script)
Grade: D

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