THE AVENGERS #119 (1974)

All Collector stories are basically the same.  I still love them, but they’re basically the same.

This one starts a sequence, above, that really made me think it was going to go a different way.  It references the annual Rutland Halloween parade, which Steve Englehart would write about every year in October, whether he was with DC or Marvel.

(And before I proceed, it’s worth saying how much I loathe the feckless portrayal of Jarvis-you don’t have to be a meek wimp to cook and clean for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.)

In this year’s tribute to Rutland, Englehart does throw in a little twist: The Collector, aka the villain who collects superheroes, goes to Rutland in the hope that “real” superheroes will show up as part of the event. Because for the past several years, they have.

So, Collector dresses up like the parade’s host, Tom Fagan, and tries to capture Avengers.

The big disappointment with this year’s Rutland issue is that there’s no DC heroes.  Although look at the panel below.  There’s a green suited, white-gloved guy.

Could that be Green Lantern, there in the back?

At the end of the issue, Thor thinks a good idea to stow Loki, who is now a dribbling idiot after The Avengers/Defenders War, in Rutland under Fagan’s care.

That’s just weird.

What’s also weird is Mantis clacking stones over her head.  In fact, it drives Collector crazy.

But I do enjoy this run on Avengers.  It’s the perfect balance of odd, randomness and superheroics.

Creators: Steve Englehart and Bob Brown
Grade: B-




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