THE INCREDIBLE HULK #149-150 (1972): Featuring The X-Men

While Steve Englehart was busy making Beast interesting in the pages of Amazing Adventures, other X-Men came to help Hulk celebrate his 150th issue.  But first, this issue starts our pretty common enough.

The army is still trying to catch and keep Hulk, and he escapes again.

Meanwhile, in the desert, Polaris is waylaid by a biker gang…

Havok saves her.

She is trying to get Havok to come back to the X-team, but he’s still worried he can’t control his powers (which is where we left him when X-Men was cancelled).  Hulk happens by. Seeing she has green hair, he momentarily thinks she is Jarella, but she’s not.  Obviously.

Anyway, in the process Hulk lifts a mountain (with Lorna on top).

Yeah, it’s a lot like this…

Creators: Archie Goodwin and Herb Trimpe

Grade: C+


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