Hulk #135 (1971)

The rare example of a great Hulk comic.

Kang sends Hulk back in time, where he meets The Phantom Eagle (World War One flying ace, and a character created by Herb Trimpe), thus bringing another member of the Marvel diaspora officially and squarely into Marvel continuity.

Why did Kang send him back?  To stop him from being born.  You see, Banner’s ancestor was part of a French resistance group saved from slaughter by Phantom Eagle, so if Hulk destroys the pilot before he can save the French, Hulk will never exist.  Variations of the “go back in time to kill Hitler” concept are many, but I don’t think I’ve seen one where someone is sent back in time to stop themselves from being born.

Trimpe’s pencils continue to have their special, unique charm and they’re made even better by inker Sal Buscema.

Creators: Roy Thomas and Herb Trimpe

Grade: B

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