DAREDEVIL #77 (1971) and SUB-MARINER #40 (1971)

First off, having DD fight Sub-Mariner or Spider-Man is ridiculous.  Each of them could literally punch Daredevil’s head off his body before he would even have time to react.

Second, the reason for the fights in this issue are even more ridiculous: Spider-Man is jealous of DD because he thinks DD has no personal problems, so he decides to punch him a lot.

And apparently Stan Lee was so impressed with Conway’s work that he moved him to Sub-Mariner, where the Spider-Man and Namor’s story continues.  I don’t really know why, though, because there’s barely one issue worth of material–let alone two.

Also, Matt Murdock gets tons of chicks but always feels tortured.  File under: Problems I should have.

Creators: Gerry Conway and Gene Colan
Grade: F

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