These issues are the first Guardians of the Galaxy’s first solo book. Everyone knows and loves the second Guardians. Not the first.

The first, this version, was still pretty weird.  And it was ripe for a Steve Gerber kinda story.

There was Major Vance Astro, cryogenically-preserved lost-in-time astronaut.  He’s the Captain America of the group.  He also is a mutant with psychokinesis.  In the panels above, that’s the genetically enhanced Nikki Gold with him.  She has heat and radiation powers.

The only thing worth noting about this series is that Vance and Nikki had an “explicit sex scene” that was, at the time, controversial.

Yeah, there’s nothing special about it now.

The book was cancelled because nobody bought it, and I’m not sure the stories are canon–they may be an alternate future.  I’m just not clear on it.

Creators: Steve Gerber (#3-9), Roger Stern (#10-12), and Al Milgrom

Grade: C-


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