Super-Villain Team-Up #1-4 (1975-1976)


A little over a year earlier, Marvel published a solo Dr. Doom story in the pages of Astonishing Tales #8.  It was a truly great book, and showed tremendous potential.  I also think it was the first time we’d seen a book just about a villain, with no superhero in it.

Super-Villain Team-Up does not live up to the promise of that issue.

Why?  Well, first of all, it’s about Doom and Sub-Mariner.  Namor isn’t a villain.  Sometimes, he does things that the surface world might have issues with, but he’s hardly a villain-or at least he wasn’t one back in 1975.  Second, it’s not really about Doom.  It’s really just more Sub-Mariner comics.  And there was a reason why the Namor solo book was cancelled in 1974: It sucked.

And the third reason this book isn’t good is because there’s no continuity.  Every issue features a different writer or artist.  It took 4 people just to write and pencil issue #1!

Storywise, it starts with them fighting.  They never really stop fighting, either.  They bicker and bicker.

A bunch of real villains (including Tiger Shark) take over Hydro-base and beat up Namor.  Doom sees this, and for some reason wants to get involved as Sub-Mariner’s ally.  He kills both Dr. Dorcas and one of Attuma’s main henchmen.

Namor, uncharacteristically, seems to have a problem with it, so the two of them go at it.  Namor loses, and runs away (also uncharacteristically), but his suit has been damaged (and it serves as life-support for him on land).

Creators: Writers: Tony Isabella (#1-2), Jim Shooter (#3), Bill Mantlo (#4).
Artists: George Tuska (#1), Bill Everett (#1), George Evans (#1), Sal Buscema (#2), Fred Kida (#3), Herb Trimpe (#4), Jim Mooney (#4).
Grade: D
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