UNCANNY X-MEN #104-107 (1977)



This is the X-Men’s first outer-space epic story, and although she’s been seen in shadows and visions, this is the first time we meet the Shi’ar Princess Lilandra.

There’s a lot of action in these issues, including the first appearance of the man who we would soon be able to figure out is Scott Summers’ father, Corsair, the space pirate leader of the Starjammers.

In fact, we meet the whole team in these issues…

Scott Summers is starting to realize how powerful Jean Grey is, now that she has the phoenix force.

In fact, she goes toe to toe with Firelord, a former Galactus herald.  As does the rest of the team.

But my favorite scene is, of course, this one….


“Oh no, not again!”  Yes, another plane crash (and another I haven’t shown here, because, at some point, enough is enough).  That makes just about one per issue since Chris Claremont started writing the book.  I wonder if anyone was keeping tabs–because I didn’t see anything in the letter columns about it.

Creators: Cockrum and Claremont
Grade B

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