Iron Fist #1-4 (1976)

And so begins the pairing of Chris Claremont as writer and John Byrne as penciler.  They worked together on a handful of pre-X-Men projects, and this was one of them.  The results were good here, but of course not as groundbreaking as their X-works.

Iron Fist and Misty Knight team up to search for Colleen Wing, and Misty has a groovy belt buckle.  Eventually, they go to K’Un Lun and we see the city for the first time, but first there’s a pointless fight of Iron Man vs. Iron Fist.

It’s pointless and silly because, really?  Iron Man could knock Fist out from the air.  The fact that he fights hand-to-hand is either an example of stupid writing or it shows how Tony is a wicked egomaniac who loves to humiliate people.

And frankly, the latter seems likely.  At least based on Tony calling him “Fancy Fists.”  So I’ll give Chris Claremont the benefit of the doubt.

After that’s over, Fist and Misty search for Colleen Wing and meet a henchman who bears a chest tattoo similar to the one on Iron Fist.  The man claims that he was supposed to be in line for the fisting but Danny got fisted instead, and now he wants to kill Danny so he can get the fist.

We also see Misty’s mechanical arm for the first time…

…So lots of groundwork is laid in these issues.  That makes them important, even if they’re not very good comics.

Oh, and some of it takes place in Britain.

Creators: Byrne/Claremont
Grade: C+

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