Sub-Mariner #21 (1970)

The cover tag says, “The Invaders Strike!”  But this isn’t Namor’s WW2 team, which included Captain America and the original Human Torch-that team hasn’t been named yet.  It’s curious, though, that the word “Invaders” appears on the cover.

No, these invaders are Atlantean. Or, more precisely, they are monsters working for Atlanteans…Oddly, despite his seeming willingness to go to war with humans at the end of last issue, he immediately inserts himself as a peacemaker here.  Maybe it’s because it was Lord Seth, acting monarch of Atlantis, who started this invasion while Namor was stuck in NYC without the ability to breathe underwater.

By the end, he gets cured by the doctors in Atlantis are returns to his place as its ruler.

An issue that could have been gangbusters, but turned out to just be a continuity reset back to the way things were before Namor lost his gills.

Great letterpage banner, even if the books itself kinda blows.

Creators: Roy Thomas and Marie Severin
Grade: D-.  Below average.

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