WEREWOLF BY NIGHT #21-31 (1974-1975)

Doug Moench comes aboard as writer, but the series doesn’t really get much better, as I’d hoped. This kind of book is right in his wheelhouse (being offbeat books like Moon Knight and Master of Kung Fu).

Jack Russell is still (justifiably) tormented by being a savage werewolf three nights a month. And in these issues he meets a Hollywood heart-throb named Atlas who got deformed and is now a crazy lunatic. Then a take off of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde. Then Hangman returns. That’s a little better than most of these issues.

Then he fights Dr. Glitternight, who is basically a low-rent Dr. Strange.

He can fly.

And that brings us to Moon Knight, who deserves his own entry.

Creators: Doug Moench and Don Perlin
Grade: C-

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