Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD #11-15 (1969): Series Ends

This series started as a revolutionary experiment in stylized design and hipster sentiment.  By the end, it’s a pandering and inconsequential piece of pop culture better left buried in the 1960s.

In #11, for example, Hate Monger uses a rock and roll band to get the youth of America to start a revolution.  And when you think rock and roll, you have to think of…

Country Joe and the Fish!

The series ends abruptly and without ceremony with #15, but Marvel publishes reprints under the same numbering for a few more issues.  Like rats off a sinking ship, the creative team changes with just about every issue.

Creators: Gary Friedrich and Frank Springer (#11), Steve Parkhouse (an assistant editor, now turned writer) and Barry Smith (#12), Herb Trimpe (#13), Dick Ayers (#14-15).
Grade: F

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