Power Man & Iron Fist #76 (1981)

I like this issue.  It’s a split—half a Cage story, half a Fist one.

In the first story, Iron Fist has a rematch against the mercenary Warhawk, and then that story transitions—with Frank Miller taking over art chores—into a Cage story.  Miller’s art on Iron Fist during the transition pages looks an awful lot like he just took some Daredevil art and tinkered with the edges.

Then, Mark Bright—who later became the regular artist for this book—draws Luke versus Dracula.

Pretty funny.

Creators: Mike Barr (plot, script for Iron Fist story), Chris Claremont (plot-Iron Fist), Mary Jo Duffy (script-Luke Cage), Rudy D. Nebres (Iron Fist story), Frank Miller (transition), Mark Bright (Luke Cage story)
Grade: C+

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