THE HULK #219-220 (1978)

Everybody needs a good pirate story. And if you can’t have a good one, you can at least have a so-so one. Hulk fights Captain Barracuda and gets stranded on a desert island where he meets Robinson Crusoe.  And Barracuda does the classic comedy move of looking through the periscope with his eyepatched eye.

It’s a very strange couple of issues.  Especially odd is that Marvel has an editorial cross-reference to Marvel Classics #19, which is their comic book retelling of the classic novel, Robinson Crusoe.

Turns out, it’s not the “real” fictional character, it’s just a weirdo who took on the identity because he’s been alone with coconuts for too long.  And he wants Hulk to be his boy Friday.

Oh, and there’s a girl.

None of this is anything like episode #220 of the TV Hulk starring Bill Bixby.  In that episode, he beat up a laundromat.

Creators: Len Wein, Roger Stern and Sal Buscema
Grade: C-

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