TALES TO ASTONISH #45-47 (1963)

This pretty much says it all.  Stan Lee, when writing Ant-Man, seems to have the biggest man-crush on Hank Pym, while The Wasp is pretty much an afterthought.  Hank is handsome, serious and intelligent.  Janet is…Lovely.

The stories are all short–about 10 pages–so three issues is about one full comic.  It’s hard to get into a story that ends so quickly.

Issue #45 is the return of Egghead.  And Hank jousts a snake.

In the next issue they go to Greece on vacation and fight aliens who are dressed like greek cyclops of old mythology.

Then they go to India and fight a hypnotist who plays ragas.

One of Hank’s ants die in the fight and he still feels badly when they get back to the States.

Not great comics.

But it’s easy for Hank to travel because he has friends everywhere…

Creators: Stan Lee, H.E. Huntley, Don Heck.
Grade: D

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