Daredevil #248-249 (1987): 1st Bushwacker

Daredevil meets Wolverine.

Wolverine guest stars in a story where Kingpin has hired Foggy Nelson, through a strawman (so Foggy doesn’t know he’s working for the crime lord) to defend a chemical company that is dumping waste in an area that harms poor children in Hell’s Kitchen.  Matt Murdock was disbarred during the great Born Again storyline, but that doesn’t stop him from doing some investigation and taking action as Daredevil.

But of course the real effort here is to sell books by bringing in Wolverine.  Matt is running a clinic to help the poor (he’s been disbarred, so I think he’s practicing law without a license here—but it’s not clear how much support he gives to his clients), and a woman comes in to get his help with her husband, who she says is violent and she wants him arrested but is afraid the cops will kill him.  Turns out, he’s a mutant-hunting killer named Bushwacker, and Wolverine is hunting him down.

Also, his arm turns into a gun.  He’s kinda like a transformer.

This obviously offers an opportunity for a fight, as DD tries to protect Bushwacker, and then a team-up, as Bushwacker tries to kill more mutants.

Creators: Ann Nocenti, Rick Leonardi
Grade: C-

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