GIANT-SIZE CREATURES #1 (1974): 1st Tigra

Tigra is one of those characters who has only had a few brief moments where she was great (I’m thinking of Roger Stern’s Avengers as the main place, as well as her role as a professor in Avengers Academy).

But she started as an in-continuity horror character.  After her failed solo book, “The Cat,” in which she wore a yellow costume pretty much identical to the future Hellcat character, Greer Nelson is struck by a new Hydra weapon and to save her life, Dr.Tumolo takes her to the land of the  Cat People who turn her into Tigra.

In one of those great Marvel coincidences, Jack Russell, Werewolf by Night, happens to witness the attack so he guest stars.  And of course that means that before he can team up with the title character, he has to fight her.

They get captured and realize they’re friends.

And then they take down Hydra.

And here’s how Marvel promoted this issue on letter pages…

Creators: Tony Isbella and Don Perlin
Grade: C

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