Alpha Flight #51 (1987)

It’s a brand new team, but the same old writer—joined by future legend Jim Lee on pencils.  And really, he’s the only reason to check this book out.  He’s still figuring out how to draw comics, but you can see touches of what will be his distinctive, highly influential style.

The team is now the new, white-haired and female Sasquatch, the new and allegedly improved Bochs (who is more like Machine Man now), secret double-agent and normal human Gary Cody, Manikin, Persuasion, and leader Vindicator.  Never heard of half these guys?  Don’t worry.  They won’t matter in a few years.

This book is still bad.  This reboot doesn’t help, even if the art is improved.

Creators; Bill Mantlo, Jim Lee
Grade: D

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