Hulk #169 (1973): 1st BI-BEAST

After being defeated last issue, Harpy is carrying Hulk around in her big claws, when the military sneaks up her with big jets.

I love that “famous fact #422” blurb.  Hilarious.

Look how awesome the splash page is, too:

In an effort to escape, they end up in a city in the clouds where they meet…

Bi-Beast!  The character with a name almost as hilarious as Man-Thing!

From there, Steve Englehart just gets weirder.  Bi-Beast two heads argue with each other, because one is philosophical and the other is warlike, MODOK tries to take over the cloud city where the Raven People live (Bi-Beast is their protector), and Banner gets the Harpy to change back to Betty.  The cloud city blows up, and Banner and Betty fall…

…Into next issue!

Note: I’m not seeing the little one-liner adverts for other Marvel books at the bottom of each page anymore.  Sad.  I liked them.

Creators: Steve Englehart and Herb Trimpe
Grade: B

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