West Coast Avengers #25 (1987)

Wonder Man is in Hollywood, and gets a big movie role in a blockbuster, and then becomes a complete tool and decides to quit being a hero and just act.  Also, Steve Englehart’s depiction of Dino DeLaurentis is pretty racist.  Then, he fights Abomination for reasons I can’t understand and learns that Hollywood is unkind so he goes back to the West Coast Avengers.


He beats him a little too easily.  I mean, Abomination has taken on Hulk.

Also: David Letterman appears as a blonde, and Firebird quits the team after essentially joining last issue…

…Hank Pym is an athiest and…

Moon Knight says goodbye to Frenchie and decides to hang out with the WCA for a while. Sniff. Sniff.

Creators: Steve Englehart and Al Milgrom
Grade: C-

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