THOR #204-205 (1972)

We’re about a year into the no Stan Lee/no Jack Kirby run on Thor-the first run since those two titanic creators took it over.  It’s a very different book, but it’s still one of Marvel’s best.  After a long arc in which Odin died and Thor fought not one but two Gods of Death to save his soul, Odin exiles Thor and his friends to Earth.


Odin is just a dick.It does make for some good stories, though.  Like Fandral tackling Iron Man in Avengers mansion, and Volstagg serving as a babysitter.

Until Mephisto literally starts snatching the Warriors Three off the face of the Earth.  Mephisto apparently has mind-control powers, because he pits Thor against the three of them-as well as conjuring the souls of lots of evil people (including Hitler).

It’s pretty crazy.  But pretty cool.

Creators: Gerry Conway, John Buscema
Grade: B-

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