Mephisto vs. The Avengers #4 (1987)

The story concludes, and makes me eat my words.  After taking three women in three issues, Mephisto shows he’s not a sexist as he goes after the soul of a God: Thor.

He captures Thor’s soul fairly easily (making me wonder why he bothered with the three warm-up soul-nappings in the prior three issues), but then The Living Tribunal shows up and accuses Mephisto of upsetting the balance in the multiverse by stealing the soul of a God (which should rightfully go to Hela).  Then, he stores the soul in mylar.

Like a comic book.

Although there is some back-and-forth will Hela and The Avengers in the ensuing pages, basically Tribunal’s mere presence squashes the whole thing and forces Mephisto to just give up, wipe all the participants’ memories of their ordeals…

…And pout his way to the finish of the issue.

A very quick wrap up, and a very silly one, which basically renders this entire miniseries pointless.

Creators: Al Milgrom and John Buscema
Grade: D

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, Dr. Druid, Hawkeye, Hela, Iron Man, Living Tribunal, Longshot, Mephisto, Mockingbird, Psylocke, Rogue, She-Hulk, Storm, Thor, Tigra, Wolverine, Wonder Man

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