Web of Spider-Man #18 (1986)

Last issue, Spider-Man was deemed dead.  Turns out, he’s not.  Surprised?  Of course not.  But you still have to give it to David Michelinie, who starts his run by “killing” the main character.

What actually happened to him is kinda funny.

If you recall, issue #17 ended with a picture of his Spider-Man costume tattered on a rock.  So, obviously, he’s in his underwear now.  So, since then, he had to steal an overcoat and hitchhike home.

That’s kind of funny.

There’s a brief adventure on his way home, because no superhero can have a routine travel experience.  It’s not worth mentioning, but it’s fun.

At the end of the issue, on the last page, there’s a preview of what’s to come…

…Peter is pushed in front of a train by an unseen assailant, who doesn’t trigger his Spider Sense.  Who pushed him?  We don’t know from issue #18, but we will quickly learn it was Venom, so Venom gets a tag.

That circled red hand in the picture above is Venom–and technically, it’s his first appearance with the Eddie Brock body.

Creators: David Michelinie and Marc Silvestri
Grade: C+.  A simple, slightly above-average story.

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