THOR #375-376 (1987)

Loki and Hela conspire to make Thor see illusions of his greatest foes and then, when the real Crusher Creel attacks, he thinks that’s an illusion, too.

Creel loses the battle when he tries to absorb the vortex Thor’s hammer creates when he spins it, which causes Creel to be transported to a nether dimension.

But before any of that, Thor goes to see Tony Stark about his wounded arm and Tony gives him a cyber arm.

Absorbing Man is one of my favorite villains, so I loved this two-parter.

Also, Heimdall manhandles Enchantress.

Oh, and another thing: Hogun gives some Earth orphans the apples of immortality.

Creators: Walt Simonson and Sal Buscema
Grade: B

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