THE X-MEN #22-23 (1966)

Count Nefaria, still striving to be the head of the Maggia, gathers himself some very, very lame lieutenants and, instead of going after guys like Spider-Man or Daredevil, who actually fight street-level criminals, decides to take on The X-Men again. 

I still love that a semantical game like saying “Maggia” instead of Mafia satisfied the comics code authority.

And speaking of name-changes, most historical sites list these early X-Men issues “The Uncanny X-Men #xx.”  Yet, the title on the cover says only “X-Men.”  Marvel’s official site says a “The X-Men” book started in the 1990s, and this 1960s volume is indeed The Uncanny X-Men Vol. 1.  I think it’s revisionist history. 

Anyway, guess what he tries to do?  He tries to frame The X-Men for a crime!  How Stan Lee got away with using the same plots over and over escapes me, but here there’s even a fresh writer on the book, Roy Thomas, and he’s doing the same exact thing!

Other interesting thing: Nefaria puts a whole city under a bubble.  Sound familiar? 

 Maybe because John Byrne did it, too, years later.  So I guess this story is kind of foundational.  Kind of. But it’s not very good.

Creators: Roy Thomas, Werner Roth
Quality Rating: D

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