Sorry.  I know that he eventually matters, but Captain Mar-Vell’s origin is just … Bland.  He’s an alien that looks a lot like a very handsome human.  He has to come to Earth.  He has gadgets and cool stuff.  He saves Earth, and most of the planet doesn’t even know he exists.  He stays behind to try to keep both himself and Earth safe, even though some day his enemies will come for him.

The character debuted in what heretofore had been a pure reprint-collection book–and he had the only original story in it.

But he proved popular enough that, instead of putting the final installment of his three-part origin in Marvel Super Heroes #15, as promised (see the hype box at right), he got his own book.

But Stan Lee was awful excited!

So, we’ll see if it gets more inspired after that.  Because to now, it feels extremely generic.

Creators: Stan Lee and Gene Colan

First appearances: Captain Mar-Vell, Carol Danvers, Sentry

Grade: D

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