These are parts one and two of a very weird trilogy.  For reasons that aren’t entirely clear, the Mad Thinker and Puppet Master agree to be led by Egghead on a campaign to go after Subby, Captain Marvel, and The Avengers. 

It starts with Sub-Mariner #14, which brings back the original Human Torch and makes the early Sub-Mariner stories—from the 1940s, pre-Marvel—Marvel canon.  It’s the start of the later idea of the WWII superhero group, The Invaders.

And look how he uses his bracelet as a set of brass knuckles in the fight scene above.  Badass.

In Captain Marvel, he fights Iron Man.

Mar-Vell beats him up and then gets a doctor.

It’s a weak issue, but it ends with Captain Marvel being recalled to the Kree galaxy—cosmic stuff to come!

And the trilogy concludes in Avengers #64.


Sub Mariner: Roy Thomas and Marie Severin.  Grade: A-
Captain Marvel: Gary Friedrich and Frank Springer.  Grade: C+

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