Marvel Team-Up #16-17 (1973-1974): Captain Marvel; Mr. Fantastic; 1st Basilisk

Basilisk is a theif who steals a gem from a museum that just so happen to be a piece of Kree weaponry known as The Alpha Stone.  Basilisk then goes about trying to find its partner, the Omega Stone.

The Alpha Stone gives him undefined powers that include shooting beams from his eyes that freeze people and alter forms of matter.  Of course Captain Marvel shows up to stop him, and Spidey is there to because all the dude does is patrol the streets, looking for trouble.

In the last panel, he runs away by shooting his eye beams at the ground and essentially “flying.”  Yeah, it’s a very silly visual.

Continuing from last issue, Spider-Man goes to the Baxter Building to enlist help in stopping Basilisk from getting the Omega Gem because, apparently, it will give him awesome power.  More awesome than being able to fly by shooting beams from his eyes.

After fighting off the building’s defenses because he’s too lazy to use the doorbell, he tells Mr. Fantastic why he’s there.  Reed Richards shows the kind of listening skills that made Sue leave him.

They figure out that The Mole Man has the Omega Gem, and so it’s an MM battle.  Mole Man also has Captain Marvel imprisoned in the big gem, which Mole Man plans to use to blow up the surface world.  Again.

In the end, they let Mole Man run back to his hole again. Why do they keep showing mercy on him?  He’s such a little tool.

Creators: Len Wein and Ross Andru
Grade: C
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